Assigning Roles to Users & Groups

Every User being added to a Collection must be assigned a Role. Roles are used to limit the control a User has on your site. For example, a Viewer can only view and play Media, whereas a Manager is able to upload Media, create Collections and much more. To learn about customizing your Roles click here

To learn how to assign Roles to your Users view the video below and read our step-by-step instructions:

Users can be assigned different Roles for each Collection they belong to. You can have someone appear as a student in one Collection and a manager in another. 

To assign a Role to one of your Users start by logging into your Admin Panel.

Next, select an existing Collection from your library and click "Manage" next to "Shared with" in the right hand column. 

A box will pop up allowing you to enter the name of the Users and Groups you want to invite to this Collection. Enter the name(s) of your Users or Groups in the invite bar and choose a Role for your Users.  If no Role is selected the Users will not be added to the Collection. Once all fields are filled in click "Share".

To delete a User simply click on the "X" next to their name. To avoid sharing content with members of the top level or parent Collection, uncheck the "Automatically include members from..." checkbox. 

The Users and Groups will be given the same Role for every video in that Collection.

Sep. 28, 2015