Embedding a MediaCore site into Moodle

Adding your MediaCore site to Moodle gives students and staff the ability to single-sign-on to their MediaCore accounts with one click from Moodle. If MediaCore is embedded into a course then students logged into that course will only be presented with content and collections shared in that course. 

Embedding your MediaCore site into Moodle

1) Start by clicking on the course you'd like to embed your MediaCore site into.

2) Click on "Turn editing on".

3) Next, click on "Add an activity or resource" and select "External Tool".

4) Fill in the "Activity Name" with the name of your MediaCore site or whatever you'd like the External Link to show up as to students.


5) Fill in the "Launch URL" field with your MediaCore site URL. Make sure that you add the / at the end of your site URL or else this won't work.

6) Fill in the "Consumer Key" and "Shared Secret" fields with the LTI Consumer details you created in your MediaCore site. If you have not yet configured your 'LTI Consumer' for Moodle then follow these directions.

7) Click "Save and return to course". 

NOTE: the display may vary depending on the version of Moodle you are currently running. Below is an example in Moodle 2.4.3.

8) This will embed a link into your Moodle course page.

9) When users click on the link they will be presented with your MediaCore site displaying all of the media and collections that are shared within this course and are shared with your LTI users.


Nov. 28, 2014