Embedding a MediaCore site into Moodle & LTI configuration set-up

Integrating Moodle with your MediaCore site gives students and staff the ability to single-sign-on to their MediaCore accounts with one click from Moodle. Administrators can also add Media directly to Moodle so students can watch videos from their Moodle account.

Configuring your LTI Consumers within Moodle

Start by creating a Consumer Key and Shared Secret in your MediaCore account. The Consumer Key can be any name you'd like. The Shared Secret is your password so choose something that no one else will guess.

Once you have configured your LTI Consumer Key you're ready to navigate to the Home page of your Moodle account.

1) Click on "Site administration" in the left sidebar under the "Settings" heading.

2) In Moodle 2.3 and lower Navigate to: Plugins > Local plugins > External Tools

3) In Moodle 2.4 and higher navigate to: Plugins > Activity Modules > LTI or Search for External Tools in the search bar

4) Click on "Add external tool configuration".

5) On this page fill in the following fields: "Tool Name", "Tool Base URL", "Consumer Key", "Shared Secret".

Tool Name: Any name you want to use to identify your external tool.

The Tool Base URL: Your MediaCore site name: Yoursite@mediacore.tv

The Consumer Key: the Consumer Key you entered in the Extensions section of your MediaCore site.

Shared Secret: Shared Secret you entered in the Extensions section of your MediaCore site.

Adding a link to your MediaCore site into Moodle

You can either embed a link to your MediaCore site on a specific course page by first clicking on the course you want to add the link to, or you can add a link to your Moodle homepage so all users can see it once logged in.

1) First, Click on "Turn editing on".

2) Next, click on "Add an activity" and click on "External Tool".

3) Fill in the Activity Name, add the link to your MediaCore site in Launch URL field and click "Save and return to course" or "Save and Display". Make sure that the correct External tool type is selected if you have multiple external tools.

NOTE: the display may vary depending on the version of Moodle you are currently running. Below is an example in Moodle 2.3.

This will embed a link into your Moodle course page. When users click on the link it will automatically sign them into MediaCore where they can access your site. From here, they will be able to access all of the Collections they have been invited to see. Alternatively, you can embed public videos directly into your Moodle course pages. Users will be able to view the videos directly in Moodle. 

You can also use the MediaCore Moodle V2 plugin to embed videos into Moodle, see here

You can map your Moodle Roles to Roles within MediaCore and invite users to specific Collections. To learn more click here.

Dec. 10, 2013