Upload media using the iOS Capture app

The MediaCore iOS Capture app lets you record, edit, organize and easily upload HD video to your MediaCore account from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. To find out how, watch this video and read the step by step instructions below.

Download the Capture App from the App Store

1) Tap the app store button on your phone

2) Select "Search" and enter "MediaCore capture" in the top search bar

3) Tap on the cloud to install the app.

4) NOTE: Make sure you say "Yes" when the app asks you for permission to access your images. If you say "No" and would like to upload images using the app then simply navigate to "Settings" on your device > select "Privacy" > Select "Photos" > and turn "Capture" to "ON".

Once the app is installed launch it with a tap and enter your MediaCore site URL and sign in with your username and password. Tap the cog in the lower right hand corner  to edit your preferences. 

Send your video or image to MediaCore

Start by selecting the video or photo option. Now you can either record directly with your devices camera or select an item from your library.

The Capture app also allows you to trim the beginning and end of your video. Tap "Choose" once you're happy with your photo or video and enter a Title, add Tags, a Description and select the Collection you would like your video to belong to.

‚ÄčYou can choose the quality and file size of your video. If you are connected to Wi-fi you can upload a "High Definition" video quite quickly. If you are using a mobile data connection then selecting "Large" or "Medium" will be quicker. The option you choose here will affect the playback quality of the video on your MediaCore site.

If a user has publish permissions then the video they upload will be published automatically. If the user does not have the permission to publish media then their video will be automatically uploaded as a draft.

Drafts can be reviewed and published via the library view of your Admin Panel.  Select the Media item you would like to publish from your library's Admin Panel, click actions, and select "Publish".

Apr. 10, 2014