Configuring a LTI consumer

Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) enables users to seamlessly connect their MediaCore site to their other learning platforms such as Moodle and Canvas. LTI gives students and staff the ability to view private content shared on their learning platforms and single-sign-on to their MediaCore account with one click from their existing learning environment.

Setting up LTI takes only a couple of minutes, and comes free with all MediaCore sites.

1) Start by opening your site settings from the Cog icon on the right side of the site header bar.

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2) Click on "Authentication" in the left sidebar.

3) Turn the "Learning Tools Interoperability" toggle on and click on the "Configure LTI Consumers" link.

4) Select "Add New" in the top right hand corner. 

5) Create a "LTI Consumer key" and "Shared Secret". This is used to link your MediaCore account to the learning platform(s) of your choice. You can enter any combination of letters, numbers or symbols for either of these fields. Note: It's a good idea to choose a distinguishing name for the Consumer Key if you plan on having multiple Consumer Keys. 

6) Decide what Media you want All of your LTI users to have access to by selecting the appropriate Collection(s) in the "Assign to Collections" list.

7) Check off the box next to "Also include collections shared with the Public & Registered Users groups" if you would like your LTI users to have access to the media in these two collections.

8) Checking off the box next to "LTI Contexts" tells MediaCore that you want a new collection created for each course you upload media to in your learning platform. For example, if you create a course called Astronomy 101 in Moodle or Canvas and upload a video to this course using the MediaCore Chooser, a collection will called Astronomy 101 will automatically be created for you in MediaCore and the video you uploaded will be placed in this new collection. 

9) Select the collection you would like all of these automatically provisioned collections to be placed in. Note: We recommend that you create a new collection and call it something like "Moodle or Canvas Collection".

10) Click "Save" once all of these fields are filled in.

11) Once you have set up your "LTI Consumer key(s)" within MediaCore go to the learning platform(s) of your choice to configure the  LTI application.
  • Instructions on how to configure LTI in Moodle can be found here.
  • Instructions on configuring LTI in Canvas are found here here.
  • Instructions for configuring Sakai can be found here

12) When a users views a MediaCore video in your LMS a user account will automatically be created for them in MediaCore. For each one of your course collections at least one LTI group will also automatically be created in the Groups pane of your MediaCore admin panel. Click here for more information.

Sep. 23, 2015