Customize and brand your desktop and mobile site

Customizing the look and feel of your site is easy using your organization's logo, colours and branding options. We also have many branding options to further customize your users mobile experience.
Adding branding to your desktop site

1) Begin by opening your site settings from the Cog Icon on the right side of the site header bar.
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2) Now, click on "Appearance" in the left sidebar 

3) To add a logo, banner, or Favicon, click "Choose File" and select the desired file from
your computer. Note: Recommended image size for your logo is 112x112 or larger and recommended Banner size is 1600x350. 
  • Logos appear at the top of your site and is cropped to a square ratio.
  • Favicons appear beside the page title in browser tabs and are associated with your site if it's bookmarked
  • Banner images appear at the top of your homepage.
  • Branding colour appears across the front end of your site and the upload page. Use the colour wheel to create a colour or enter your school or institutions hex code for a custom colour. 
You also have the option to remove the logo and banner if desired. 

4) To remove the logo or banner uncheck the box next to "Show the logo in the header of your site" or "Show a banner on the homepage".

Note: Incorrectly sized images run the risk the being cut off if they are too large. If an image it too small, it will be stretched and will likely look distorted. Make sure that you are uploading your images with the correct dimensions for optimal results.

5) Slider Item Style and adding additional sliders

Choose either the overlay card style which will display the title and additional information over the thumbnail when you hover over top, or choose the card option where information will be displayed below the thumbnail image. 

You can also add additional custom sliders that are based on collections or tags. Simply click on the dropdown arrow beside "Add a slider" and select the type of slider you'd like to add. 

6) Customize the Media View Page and Display options on the Home Page

You also have the ability to customize some features on the "View Page". You can remove the ability to users to share and embed your content from the media view page. This is a global feature so unchecking these boxes will remove this ability for all of your users. Lastly, you have many display options to choose from on the homepage such as removing the ability for users to see Likes and Views.

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Adding branding to your mobile site

There are a few branding options you can add on your MediaCore site to further customize your users mobile experience.
  • ​You can show your site's title in the header on tablets and mobile device.
  • You can add an external site link which will re-direct users to another site if they click on your mobile banner or the site logo on their desktop.
  • You can add a mobile banner to all pages of your tablet and mobile device.
Here is a mobile view with the site title and mobile banner enabled.

1) To turn mobile branding options navigate to your Admin Panel > Click on "Site Settings" and select "Appearance" in the left navigation bar.

2) From here, check off the box next to "Show the site title in the header on tablets and mobile devices".

3) If you'd like to add an external site link then enter the link in the space provided.

4) If you'd like a mobile banner to appear at the top of each page on tablets and mobile devices then check off the box next to "mobile banner" and click on "Choose file".

5) Select an image from your computer - our recommend image size is 960px x 165px.

6) Once you're finished customizing your display options scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

Sep. 23, 2015