Content licensing: choosing a licence for your media

This feature is allows you to associate licences with your content so that your users know what they're allowed to do with your content. If you have content that needs to be available under different licenses then follow my directions below.

​​1) Start by opening your site settings from the Cog icon on the right side of the site header bar.

save image

2) From here, click on "Licensing" in the Settings side bar.

3) You can add new licences by clicking on "Add Licence".

4) To add a New Media Licence enter the "Licence Name", "Licence URL" and your "Whitelist IP Ranges" and click "Save".

5) Once you've finished adding all of your licences to the licensing page, you can assign them to your media from the "Add New Media" or "Edit Media" page.

6) To do this, start by uploading a new media item, or edit an existing item by clicking on "Edit" next to the video.

7) From the upload page, click "Advanced" and "Choose a licence" from the dropdown menu.

8) You can either select a license from the list or leave the default licence on "None" if you do not want to associate a licence with your media item. **Note: if you don't have any licences enter on the Licensing page of your admin panel then this option will not be available.


Sep. 23, 2015