Sakai + MediaCore integration

The MediaCore Chooser lets you embed your MediaCore videos, MS documents, images, PDFs and audio files into your Sakai courses with a couple of clicks. You can also use our LTI integration to embed your entire MediaCore site or a collection into your LMS using Sakai's built-in "External Tool" configuration.
Installing the MediaCore Chooser in Sakai

If you'd like to install the Sakai plugin please contact our education team so that they can provide you with the plugin file, as well as the documentation on how to set it up. They will also be able to quote you a price for integration support from one of our developers.

Keep in mind during the installation you'll need to select "External Tools" and check off the two boxes in the privacy settings next to "Send User Names to External Tool" and "Send Email Addresses to External Tool". 

Once the plugin's installed:

1) Navigate to your Admin panel and click on your top level collection. Create a collection called "Sakai Collection" or something along those lines.

2) Next, create an LTI consumer on your MediaCore site. Navigate to your Admin Panel > Site Settings > Authentication > Configure LTI consumers. Click "Add New" and create a Consumer Key and Shared Secret of your choice.

3) Select the Collections you want your Sakai users to have access to when they open your MediaCore site from within Sakai.

4) Check off the box next to "Create a collection for each new LTI context." In "Place new collections in" select "Sakai Collection" and click "Save". Any new media you upload to the Chooser from Sakai will automatically be placed in this collection. 

Embedding individual videos and media assets into Sakai

1) Once the plugin is installed, you simply navigate to any page containing the rich text editor and click the MediaCore button. Note: If you want your users to be able to login to the Chooser using LTI then you'll need to add an External Tool configuration in Sakai. Instructions are in the last section of this document.

2) Click "Add" next to the video you'd like to embed into your page. Alternatively, you can "upload" a new video to the Chooser from your computer by clicking on the "Upload" tab. If you need to edit a video in the Chooser click "Edit" below the "Add" button. Click here for information. 

3) The video will appear within your rich text editor. Add text, decide if you want to publish the media immediately and click "Save". Et volia, the video or media item is displayed on your page.

4) Collections and media that you see here are specific to the course you are accessing them from. 
Embedding collections and your MediaCore site into Sakai

These instructions apply to Sakai 2.9 and any similar versions.

1) To add an External Tool Configuration Start by navigating to your Sakai site and clicking on "Site info" and select the "External Tools" link.

2) Click on "Install New Tool".

3) Enter your MediaCore site URL or the URL to a collection provided in the "embed a collection" pop-up in your MediaCore site. For more information on how to get a URL for a collection view our support article.

4) Next fill in the Launch Key and Launch Secret with your Consumer Key and Shared Secret you created on your LTI configuration page in MediaCore and click "Save".

5) Users who click the External Tool will have an LTI user created for them automatically within MediaCore. Any user logged into Sakai will be able to view the collections you've shared with your LTI users whether their public or private.

May. 19, 2015