Sharing Media with Sub-Collections

We're often asked if it's possible to share media with more than one collection or course.  Currently, it is possible to share media across multiple collections as long as they are sub-collections of the parent collection in which the media currently exists.

It is important to note that media can only be shared across one branch of the collection tree, meaning that two top-level sub-collections under a single parent cannot share the same media, however multiple child sub-collections within the same branch of a single sub-collection can.

The reason for this is that the media item itself can only exist in one collection at a time (the lowest sub-collection in the branch), and the parent collections simply have viewing rights to all of the media within their own sub-collections.

If you do need to make a particular media item available within distinct collection branches, you will need to re-upload it as a new media item.

Sharing Media with Sub-Collections
  1. First, select the parent collection containing the media you want to share across multiple sub-collections.
  2. Click the '+ADD' button at the top of the Collections sidebar, or click the Cog icon beside the parent collection, and then click "Add Subcollection".

  1. Enter a Title, Description, and any other collection settings that you desire, and click Save to create the sub-collection.
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  1. You can now drag media from the parent collection into the sub-collection(s) and it will show up in both the parent collection and sub-collection.

Sharing sub-collections and setting up your collection hierarchies

There's a few important things to note when you're setting up your sub-collections and collection hierarchies.
  1. Sub-collections will automatically inherit the users and roles from the parent collection. If you want to share the collection with different users or assign different roles to your users it's important that you click Manage next to "Shared with"  and uncheck the box next to "Automatically include members from 'the parent collection'".

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  1. Once this has been done you'll have an empty list. You can begin inviting the appropriate users to your sub-collection(s) and assigning them the role of your choice. To invite users simply type their name or email address in the add existing users bar. Make sure that they already exist in your system before trying to invite them to a collection. 
  1. When setting up your collection hierarchy make sure to choose who you invite to the top level of any collection tree wisely. Any user who is granted access to this collection will automatically inherit memberships to every sub-collection within the tree.  This also means that users who you invite to the top level collection in your library will inherit memberships to every other collection in your library unless you have unchecked the requisite box as outlined in step 1 of this section.  The "Share Collection" window will let you know which other collections the selected members will have access to.
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  1. Deleting a parent collection will also delete all of the sub-collections below it. If you choose to move a sub-collection to a different collection all of the media in that collection will also be removed from the parent collection it previously belonged to and will now appear in the new parent collection the sub-collection was dragged into.

Sep. 17, 2015