MediaCore + Open Academic Environment (OAE) integration

Setting up the Open Academic Environment (OAE) integration

MediaCore works seamlessly with OAE to encode and deliver high-quality video and audio. Once integrated, all video and audio files you upload to OAE will automatically be sent to MediaCore for encoding and can be played back with the MediaCore HTML5 video player.

The video below walks you through the entire integration process, and shows you how to upload and embed video and other media items into OAE once the integration is complete: 

1) Start by navigating to to sign up for a free MediaCore for OAE account. You will be contacted within 1 business day with your MediaCore site URL, Secret Key, Key ID and Collection ID. The OAE promo account includes 25 GB of storage and bandwidth plus the ability to add 1000 users to your site. 

If you already have a MediaCore account then please contact us so we can upgrade your account to an OAE promo and provide you with the Secret Key and Key ID you need to perform the integration.

2) Next, navigate to your OAE platform and go to the global administration interface. Log in as the dedicated tenant administrator or the global administrator.

3) From the tenants page, either configure MediaCore to work with a current tenant or spin up a new tenant by clicking on “Create a new tenant”.

4) Next, click on the pencil logo next to the alias.

5) From here, click on the “Modules” tab on the left hand side of the page and select the “OAE MediaCore Module”.

6) Under MediaCore Configuration you’ll need to fill in the following fields:
  • Check off the box next to “process audio and video uploads with MediaCore”
  • Ensure that your MediaCore site is set to HTTPS by going to your Admin Panel > Site Settings > General > check off the box next to “Force all users login with HTTPS"
  • Your MediaCore site URL (e.g.
  • The MediaCore Key ID (provided to you in your introductory email)
  • The MediaCore Secret Key (provided to you in your introductory email)
  • MediaCore Collection ID (provided to you in your introductory email) Click “Save Configuration”.

7) Navigate to your MediaCore account and login to the admin panel.

8) Select “Site Settings” and navigate to the “Notifications” screen.

9) Enter the following value in the “ Webhooks Notification URLs”: https://[your OAE domain]/api/mediacore/encodingCallback where you replace [your OAE domain] with the actual URL for your OAE instance.

10) Once the connection between the two platforms is configured, all video assets you upload to OAE will be automatically sent to MediaCore for encoding and can be played in MediaCore’s HTML5 or Flash video player within OAE.

Uploading videos to OAE

1) Sign into your OAE site as a user tenant .

2) Click the “Upload” button to select a video you want to embed into OAE.

3) After selecting a video you can click the “Change” button to make the video "Private", "visible to the institution only" or "visible to the Public".

4) Next click the “Upload file(s) button.

5) Once uploaded, the video will be available as an embed in your “Library” and can be watched on the MediaCore player. The video will also be available in your MediaCore library.

6) You can share your private video with users by clicking on the “Share” button and OAE will take care of all of the permissions around the video.

7) Users can also comment on videos by entering text in the comments box below the video.


Nov. 02, 2015