How do I upload media to my site?

You can upload video, audio, images, documents (PDF, DOC, PTT), or add a URL to your site. Click here to view an entire list of acceptable file formats.

To get started click on the "Upload" tab on your site's homepage or sign into your Admin Panel and select the "Upload" button at the top of the page.

From your site's Home Page:

From the Admin Panel:

Note: You can only feature media from the Admin Panel Upload page.

From the upload page you can either upload a video or paste a YouTube or Vimeo link into the spot provided.

To upload media to your site click on "Choose File" and select a media item from your computer, and click "Choose" at the bottom of the window. Once the progress bar reaches 100% your upload is complete.

Alternatively, you can drag a media file from your desktop and drop it onto the "Add New Media" page and it will begin uploading automatically.

Once your upload is complete: adjust the title, enter a description, add tags, and choose the collection you'd like this media item to belong to. Also, decide if you'd like the media to be featured on the homepage.

Either publish the video immediately, save it as a draft or set it to publish at a future date and time.

Before you publish your media, decide if you want to take advantage of any of the custom options available to you:
  • Thumbnail: You have the option to upload a custom thumbnail by opening the Thumbnail tab and clicking on "Upload Image". Otherwise, we'll choose a still image from your video once it's finished uploading.
  • Attachments: Selecting "Add file" next to "Attachments" lets you add a related file such as an image or PDF.
  • Captions: Clicking "Upload Caption File" lets you upload subtitle files in the SRT, WebVTT, or DFXP formats. These will be visible in the video player as closed captions. If you have an integration between MediaCore and 3Play or Ceilo24 you can request an automatic transcription by clicking on "Request Transcription".
  • Advanced: Clicking advanced gives you the option to feature your media on the homepage as long as you're accessing the upload page from the admin panel. From this page you can also add in an author's name if the author is not the person who uploaded the video. Licences will also show up in this field if you have any licences saved to your site.
  • History: Selecting the History dropdown shows you who created the item, who uploaded it and the date and time it was created and uploaded (The name of the creator and uploader will only be different if you enter someone other than the uploader's name in the byline field. The third line displays the time the item was published. If the media item is saved as a draft the third line will not be displayed.


Sep. 03, 2015