Embedding collections into an LMS

MENU With collection embeds you can embed an entire collection with sub-collections into a Learning Management System (LMS), website or anywhere that allows you to enter HTML source code or a URL.

Follow along with our support video and read the directions below to get started:

1) To get started log into your MediaCore site and navigate to the Admin Panel. 

2) Select a collection from the left side bar and click on "Embed this collection" right below "Actions". 

3) Next, select the configurations you require. If you are using the embed code you may need to change the width and/or height depending on the size of the collection. If the collection is appearing cut off on your web page we recommend setting the width and height to 1000 x 1000 pixels. From this page, you can also select "List view" or "Grid view" as the default view. Users viewing the collection will also have the ability to switch between views. 

4) Now, select either the "Embed code" or the "Direct link" and head over to the LMS or website where you want the collection to be embedded.

5) The three main LMSs used by MediaCore users are Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas. The process for embedding media into these LMSs is outlined below. Keep in mind the process will be quite similar where ever you embed a collection.
1) In Moodle, click on "Add an activity or resource" and choose "URL" from the list. Fill in the title, description and paste the "Direct Link" from your MediaCore site into the "External URL field".

2) Next, click on "Save and display" and the link will appear on your site. Clicking the link will bring up a new window displaying the collection with all of the sub-collections listed below. 

3) Clicking on a sub-collection will bring up a list of media within that Collection. The toggle switches in the far right hand corner can be used to switch between a compact list view or a more visual grid view.

4) Collections can also be embedded onto your Moodle site and doing so will display the collection directly on your Moodle site instead of in a separate window. 

1) Within Blackboard, navigate to a course page and click on "Content" in the left sidebar. From here, hover over "Build Content" and select "Web Link".

2) Enter a Name for the link, the collection URL from your MediaCore site, a short description and click "Submit".

3) Return to the content section of Blackboard and scroll down to the bottom of the page. A link to your collection has been generated. Clicking on the link will bring up the collection in a separate window. 


1) Within Canvas, navigate to a course page and click on "Modules". Next, click on "Create a Module" and enter the Module name: "MediaCore Collections".

2) Next, click on the dropdown menu next to the cog on the right side of the page and select "Add Content". 

3) Click on the dropdown arrow next to "Add" and select "External URL". Enter the URL from your Science collection and the title of your URL. 

4) Clicking on the Collection URL will bring up a new window displaying your collection.

As you can see there are many ways to add a URL or embed a collection into your LMS or website. Choose the way that best suites your needs.


Sep. 17, 2015