Canvas + MediaCore integration

The MediaCore Chooser allows you to embed your MediaCore videos, MS documents, images, PDFs and audio files into Canvas with the click of a button.

Installing MediaCore's Edu App in Canvas will also bring the entire MediaCore experience to Canvas inside an LTI iFrame. Once the plugin's installed a MediaCore button will appear in your Canvas sidebar for easy access.

Check out our support video and instructions below to learn all about uploading video to Canvas.

Installing MediaCore's EduApp in Canvas

1) Start by creating a Consumer Key and Shared Secret in your MediaCore account. Follow these instructions to perform this task.

2) Next, sign into Canvas and select a Course you would like to add videos to.

3) Click on "Settings" in the left navigation bar.

4) Click on the "Apps" tab, search for MediaCore and select it.

5) Click on "Add Tool".

6) Enter your LTI credentials and your site URL and click Submit.

Embedding videos into your Canvas Pages

Videos and media can be uploaded into many pages across your Canvas site such as Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Syllabuses, Quizzes and Modules. You can add media to any page that has access to the text editor. To get started:

1) Click on the one of the tabs from the list above and create a new page or event.

2) Click on the MediaCore icon in the Tiny MCE editor to bring up the MediaCore Chooser.

3) Click "Add" next to the video you'd like to embed onto your course page. Alternatively, if you'd like to Upload a video then click on the upload button on the left side of the Chooser.

4) The video will be embedded into your text editor as a yellow box as shown bellow.

5) Click "Save Changes" once you're happy with the content, and your video or media will be displayed in the section you embedded it into.

Accessing your MediaCore site from within Canvas

1) Adding MediaCore's EduApp tool to Canvas (as described above) will automatically create a MediaCore tab in your left sidebar. Clicking on this "MediaCore" tab will bring up your MediaCore site embedded into Canvas.

2) Students and staff will be able to see any content that has been uploaded or embedded into this course via the Chooser plus media from any of the additional collections you selected on the LTI consumer page in your MediaCore site. Also, video and media that was dragged into this courses collection from your MediaCore admin panel will also be available.

Adding individual videos or entire collections to your Canvas Modules

1) Click on "Modules" in the left navigation bar and click on "Create a Module". Add a "Module Name" and click "Add Module".

2) Click on the cog icon and select "+ Add Content".

3) Select "External Tool" in the dropdown menu and click on the "MediaCore" External Tool you added in the previous step. Clicking MediaCore will bring up the Chooser.

4) Click "Add" next to the video you'd like to add to your Module. In the pop-up window, click "Add Item" and the link to your video will appear on the Modules page.

5) Alternatively, you can embed an entire collection as an external tool. Instead of clicking on the "MediaCore" external tool as you did in step 3 simply enter the collection embed URL from your MediaCore site into the URL field, add a "Page Name" and click on "Add Item". For more information on embedding collection into your LMS check out our support article


Apr. 02, 2014