Why is the Chooser showing Access Denied

The reason you are seeing this screen is because your LTI role does not give you the permission to either View or Create media.

Contact your teacher or site administrator for more details and send them a link to this page.

In order to change an LTI users Role navigate to your Admin Panel and select "Site Settings". Next, click on Authentication > Configure LTI Security Roles > Click "Edit" next to their Role. 

To learn more about assigning Roles to your LTI users click here

Moodle Roles map to 3 of the LTI Roles on the LTI Security Roles page: Administrator, Instructor and Learner. 
  • If a user is a Moodle site Admin: Their LTI Role is "Administrator".
  • If a user has the course: manage activities or LTI: manager permissions: Their LTI Role is "Instructor".
  • If none of the above: Their Role is "Learner".

Apr. 03, 2014