Installing and using the Snagit plugin

Snagit, the ultimate screen capture tool, has recently developed a plugin for MediaCore. This plugin allows you to record and edit your screencasts using Snagit and send it directly to MediaCore from within the Snagit environment.

To learn how to install and use the Plugin watch our video and read the step-by-step instructions below.

Installing the Plugin

1) To get started navigate to Snagit's Output pages found here and download "Snagit to MediaCore" plugin.

2) Once it's installed you will see the MediaCore logo appear in the top toolbar. 

3) Click on the small arrow below the MediaCore icon and select "Account".

4) Next, click on "Sign in" and enter your MediaCore URL.

5) Allow Techsmith Snagit to have access to your account.

6) Enter your MediaCore username and password or sign in via a Single-Sign-On method.

Upload Media using the plugin

1) To upload Media to your site click on the small arrow underneath the MediaCore logo again. This time, choose the option "Upload to MediaCore". 

2) In the pop-up window enter the Upload Title, Upload Description and the Collection you want the video to be uploaded to. Next, click on the "Upload" button.

3) Once the upload is complete a window will pop-up in the right hand corner saying "upload successful".

4) If you have permissions to upload and publish media then the video will automatically appear in the Collection you selected as a published video.

5) To view the video either click on the link "The link to your capture is ready to be pasted" or navigate to your MediaCore site.


Nov. 04, 2014