Add video to Moodle using the Chooser

There are many ways to embed videos into Moodle using the MediaCore Chooser below is just one method.

Watch this video for basic instructions on setting up the plugin and embedding videos into MediaCore using the Chooser:

Embedding Content Using the Chooser:

1) Navigate to your course page and "turn editing on".

2) Click on "Add an activity or resource" and select one from the list. 

3) Click on the MediaCore logo and the MediaCore Chooser will pop-up.

4) To embed a video from your MediaCore library click on the "Library" tab on left hand side of the page.

5) Click "Add" next to the video you would like to embed onto your course page. If you need to edit the video or change it's publish state click on the "Edit" button next to your video. Click here to learn more. 

6) Alternatively, using the Chooser, you can upload a Media file directly from your computer into Moodle. Uploaded content can be embedded in many areas of content across the Moodle Platform. 

6) From here you can upload a video from your computer by dragging a file onto the upload window or by clicking on "Choose File". Alternatively, you can paste a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video if desired.

7) Select a File from your computer and watch it upload in the Chooser window. ​

8) Once the file is finished uploading, enter a description, add Tags and other meta-data if required and click "Publish".

9) The video will appear within Moodle. From here, enter a "Subject" and "Message" and publish the video to one of your course pages.

Below is a sample of a MediaCore video once it's embedded into Moodle:


Feb. 24, 2015