Download & Configure the Chooser Plugin

The MediaCore plugin for Moodle allows you to upload and embed your MediaCore videos, MS documents, images, PDFs and audio files into Moodle effortlessly. The MediaCore Moodle plugin is compatible and tested with Moodle V2.3, V2.4, V2.5 and V2.6, V2.7 and V2.8.
  • Click here to download the MediaCore plugin code
  • Click here to download the MediaCore File Picker Repository or the MediaCore Atto Editor Chooser
  • If you are running Moodle V2.3 read the document very carefully and ensure that you're copying the correct code over for the TinyMCE.
  • Follow the instructions laid out in the plugin's repository README document to first remove the old plugin (if required), and then install, the new plugin code.
If you do not have an old version of the MediaCore plugin already installed then skip to section on installing/upgrading from MediaCore plugin v2.0+

‚ÄčWatch the video and read the instructions below to setup the plugin:
Enabling the MediaCore Moodle v2.0 plugin

1) Verify that the MediaCore plugins are properly installed
  • Navigate to: Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Plugins Overview
  • Make sure the following plugins are shown as having been installed.
                     - MediaCore Media filter
                     - MediaCore search
                     - MediaCore Media picker/ MediaCore Chooser
                     - MediaCore package config
  • If they are installed, continue. If not, please re-check the README document to make sure you followed all of the install steps.
2) Enable the MediaCore Filter
  • Navigate to: Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage Filters
  • Set "MediaCore media filter" to "On" and applied to "Content".

3) Enable the MediaCore FilePicker (Repository)
  • Navigate to: Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Repository > Manage Repositories.
  • Set "MediaCore search" to "enabled and visible" .

4) Configure your LTI Consumer in MediaCore and Creating a Collection to House Moodle Content.

If you have not already set up your LTI consumer in MediaCore then follow the directions bellow:
  • Navigate to the admin panel of your MediaCore site > click on the top level collection and select the "+" in the bottom left corner and create a collection called "Moodle Collection". 
  • Select the collection and click on "Manage" in the top right column and uncheck the "automatically include members..." checkbox so that this collection does not inherit and permissions from the route.
  • Now, click on the dropdown at the top of your screen > select "Site Settings" > "Authentication" > Configure LTI Consumers.
  • If you haven't yet created the LTI consumer then do so now by clicking on "Add New". If it's already been created click "Edit" next to the LTI consumer.
  • Check off the box next to "Create a collection for each new LTI context" and select the "Moodle Collection" as the place where your Moodle courses will be automatically created.
  • This will ensure that any courses created in Moodle will be automatically created as collections in MediaCore as soon as you upload content to them from the Chooser.
  • If you don't want to have collections automatically provisioned based on LTI contexts, you can leave this box unchecked.  LTI launches will still occur, and users will still be authenticated in order to view embedded content, etc.
  • You can also give your LTI users access to additional collections by checking off the collections in the "Assign to collections" list.

save image
  • If no collections are selected here then students will only have access to content embedded into their Moodle course.

5) Set up your Moodle LTI Configuration
  • In Moodle navigate to: Settings > Site Administration > Plugins > Local plugins > MediaCore package config.
  • Enter your MediaCore URL.
  • Set your MediaCore LTI Consumer Key (to match the consumer key you set up in your MediaCore site).
  • Set your MediaCore LTI Shared Secret (to match the shared secret you set up in your MediaCore site).
  • Check off the box next to "Use Trusted Embeds?" if you want to give teachers a way to share content across course collections with students who may not belong to that course
  • For information on how to setup your LTI consumer in MediaCore, see here
Note: You also have the option to disable LTI from this page if you'd prefer to use a Single-Sign-On login method such as InCommon or Active Directory as your authentication method inside Moodle. To do this uncheck the box next to "Use LTI authentication?". Trusted Embeds can still be enabled even if you turn off LTI.

6) Follow the instructions bellow to start embedding content into Moodle in two different ways
  • Click here for a screencast and instructions on embedding videos into Moodle using the MediaCore Chooser.
  • Click here for instructions on embedding videos into Moodle using the File Picker.

Sep. 28, 2015