Where are the CDN edge locations?

  • Content housed in MediaCore libraries is delivered by Akamai - a global delivery network of over 120,000 secure servers deployed in 90 countries. These servers reside within approximately 1,900 of the world's networks monitoring the internet in real time - gathering information about traffic, congestion, and trouble spots. Akamai uses this intelligence to optimize routes and replicate data dynamically to deliver content and applications more quickly, reliably, and securely. 

    Using Akamai's network enables MediaCore to:
  • Eliminate long delivery routes whenever possible – by replicating and delivering content and applications from servers close to end users around the world instead of from centralized servers. Akamai calls this delivering from "the edges of the Internet.”
  • Optimize routes – by mapping paths across the Internet to avoid trouble spots, compressing content, and replicating packets to ensure fast, complete delivery.
  • Identify, absorb, and block security threats.
  • Provide instant device-level detection and optimization.
  • Make decisions based on comprehensive knowledge of network conditions.

Feb. 10, 2015