Creating & customizing a new Collection

1) To create a new Collection start by logging into your Admin Panel.

2) Next, click on the top level Collection right below the "Collections" heading.

3) From here, click on the "+" in the bottom left hand corner of the page and enter a title, description and thumbnail image if desired. 

4) You can now begin adding media to this new Collection by either dragging and dropping media from other Collections or by uploading a new media item.
5) To create a new sub-collection click on the parent collection and click the "+" in the bottom left hand corner again. Media in the parent collection can be dragged into a sub-collection and be shared with both the parent and sub-collection. 
Adding a custom image and description to your collection
1) If you'd like to to change the title or add a description and image to your collection after it's been created then click on the cog next to the collection name.

2) Click on "Upload Image" and choose an image from your computer. Next, add a description of the collection and click "Save".

Adding a collection description and image from the frontend library

‚Äč1) Alternatively, you can customize your collection name and image from the frontend library by clicking on your new collection name.

2) Next, click on the "Actions" dropdown next to your collection and select "Edit this collection".

3) Upload a new image and add a collection description and click "Save".

For information on collection hierarchies and how user and roles are assigned to your sub-collections click here


Nov. 13, 2014