Inheriting Roles from Parent Collections

To learn about how users can inherit roles from parent collections you will need to log into the Library view of your admin panel. To view the users that have access to a particular collection simply click on the collection to see the users displayed on the right side of the page.

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​​To see which collections and users are inheriting roles from the parent collection follow the directions below:

1) Click on your top level collection located right bellow the collections heading to see all of the users who have access to this collection. NOTE: We recommend only adding users to this collection that you want to have access to all of your site's collections.

Explanation of the diagram below:

1) Top level collection
2) Parent collection
3) Sub-collections

2) By default, users added to the top level collection will become members of every collection below it with the role they are assigned in the top level collection. Sub-collections will also inherit user and roles from the parent collection by default.

3) If you don't want your new collection to inherit the roles and users from the parent collection, under Permissions, click Manage.
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4) From here, uncheck the box next to "Automatically include members from ...".
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5) Unchecking this box will remove all of the users and groups that were inherited from the top level collection or parent collection. As long as you haven't manually added any users the collection will now be shared with no one.

6) From here, you can add the users and groups you'd like to share this collection with by entering their names or email addresses in the text bar below "Add existing users and groups". Then choose a role for your users and click 'Share". 
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7) To assign different roles to different users add the users individually.
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Sep. 18, 2015