WordPress - Installing and using the MediaCore plugin

The MediaCore plugin for WordPress will help to bring digital media into your WordPress content in 3 powerful ways:

1) Browse, search and upload content (up to 20 GB in file size) directly into WordPress to be stored in your MediaCore library.

2) Embed video and audio files stored in your MediaCore library into your WordPress content such as posts and pages.

3) Capture video on your iPhone or iPad, upload it to your MediaCore library and embed it directly into a WordPress post.

Setting up the MediaCore plugin

1) Log into your WordPress site as an administrator.

2) Hover over the "Plugins" tab in the left sidebar of your Wordpress admin area and click "Add new".

3) In the "search" bar enter MediaCore and click "Search Plugins".

4) Under "MediaCore Chooser" click on "Install Now".

5) Follow the prompts to install the plugin.

6) Next, select the "Plugins" tab and click on "Installed Plugins".

7) Scroll down the list to MediaCore plugin and click "Activate".

8) Hover over "Settings" in the left sidebar and select "MediaCore".

9) Enter your MediaCore URL in the text box and click "Save Changes".

Add video to your WordPress posts using the plugin

1) Hover over "Posts" or "Pages" in the left sidebar and click "Add New". You can also edit an existing post and add a video if desired.

2) Click on the MediaCore icon in the text editor to launch the MediaCore Chooser. You will need to use your MediaCore email and password to log into the Chooser.

3) To embed a video from your MediaCore library into Wordpress, click the "Add" button next to the video you would like to insert.
NOTE: If you embed a private video into WordPress, users who attempt to view that private video will need to login using their MediaCore credentials before they can view the video. 

4) To upload a Media file directly from your computer to your blog post and MediaCore, select the "Upload" tab in the Chooser and click on "Choose a File" or paste a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.

5) Once the file is finished uploading, enter a Title, add Tags and a Description and click "Publish".

6) Once the upload is published, the file will show up in the "Library" and can be immediately added to a Post or Page as described above, by clicking "Add".

7) Once embedded, the video will appear within WordPress. From here, enter a "title" and the text you'd like to appear with the video.

​8) Next, click "Update" or "Publish" and the video will appear within the blog post for everyone to enjoy!


Sep. 28, 2015