Site Settings Overview

This video walks you through the process of managing and viewing your advanced site settings. It will help you understand the various buttons available to administrators through the Admin Dashboard and the options in your Site Settings. For more information take a look at the instructions below.


You can access and edit your user profile settings such as your display name, password and profile picture by clicking on your profile picture icon, and clicking Profile

Note: If you are using a single sign-on method such as LTI or PingOne to login you will not be able to edit these settings.

You can view your site's storage and bandwidth usage, and a count of your registered users by clicking on the Cog drop-down menu icon, and selecting Usage.

If you have admin privileges, you can edit your site's settings by clicking the Cog drop-down menu icon, and selecting Settings.

In the site settings you can access and edit many different settings within your account. We will go through the following setting options as displayed in the image bellow. 


The Roles pane allows you to specify different access levels for different types of users. Click here for more information. 

The Users pane displays a list view of all your site's users. Clicking 'Edit' next to a users name allows you to edit the Groups the user belongs to and assign Admin status. You can also search for individual users with the 'Search' function, and invite new users via the 'Invite Users' form. 

The Groups pane displays a complete list of your site's Groups. All MediaCore sites begin with two groups: 'Public' and 'Registered Users'. Users who are not logged into your site are considered to be in the 'Public' Group. Users who are logged into your site are considered to be in both Groups. To learn more about Groups click here

The Tags pane presents similar options to view, edit and delete tags. Click here to learn more. 

The Comments pane allows you to configure comments and moderation. You can choose to enable and disable all comments on your MediaCore site, or choose to use Facebook's comment engine. For the most integrated experience, we recommend using MediaCore's built-in comment engine. You can choose which users can leave comments by editing the relevant Roles in the 'Roles' pane. To learn more about managing options for comments click here

The Notifications pane allows you to configure the email addresses that MediaCore will send notifications to. Notifications are sent when a new video is uploaded, when a comment is posted, and when a new User signs themselves up. For more information click here


Aug. 18, 2015