Using Activity View to Track Analytics and Approve Comments

The "Activity tab" in your Admin Dashboard lets you monitor your users' activity. You'll get an insight into likes, views and comments over time.

1) To get started, click on the admin cog in the top right corner of your homepage and select "Admin Dashboard".

2) Next, click on the "Activity" button in the top action bar.

3) This is your activity view which displays various statistics about your video views, like and comments.

4) The activity view graph lets you track activity based on a particular date range by selecting specific dates in the dropdown menus. 

5) Easily look through likes and views independently by unchecking the desired checkboxes. 

6) You can order your media by "Most popular", "Latest", "Plays" or "Likes".

  • "Most Popular" is a combination of likes, views and how long the video has existed on your site.
  • "Latest" sorts by most recently uploaded.
  • "Plays" sort media by most plays to least plays.
  • "Likes" sort your media by most like to least likes.
7) You can click on a video in your list to see it's specific statistics.

8) Additionally, the recent interactions sidebar allows you to monitor, approve or delete comments.

9) Comments will require approval if you have turned on "Comment Moderation" in the comments section of your "Settings" panel. To approve or reject a comment click on the circular checkbox next to the comment and select either "Approve" or "Delete"

Sep. 24, 2015