Upload media in bulk using the Mac Desktop app

You can easily upload Media items straight to your MediaCore site from your desktop with the MediaCore Uploader app. To find out how, watch this video and read the step by step instructions bellow.

Downloading the MediaCore Uploader from your App Store

1) Open the app store

2) Search for MediaCore uploader

3) Download the app for free

Once the app has finished installing, launch the app via launch pad or finder. If you would like to keep the app in your doc for easy access, right click the icon, select "Options", and "Keep in Doc".

Uploading media using the MediaCore Uploader

1) Select the Collection you want your videos to upload to.

2) Select the videos you would like to upload and drag and drop them onto the MediaCore uploader icon.

3) A progress bar with an estimated upload time is shown for each file. Your content will continue to upload in the background and will alert you once the uploads are complete.

4) Once uploaded, your videos are added to your library. Videos uploaded by users with Publish rights will be publish automatically. If a user does not have publish rights then the video is uploaded as a draft so it can be reviewed.

5) To edit and publish your content, navigate to the Library view of your Admin Panel and click the "Edit" button next to one of the videos you have uploaded. Enter the Title, Description and Tags you want associated with your video and click "Publish". 

NOTE: Videos can also be published in bulk if you don't need to add or edit names, description or additional meta data. First highlight all of the videos you'd like to publish > click on the drop down menu next to 'Actions' > Select 'Publish'.


Apr. 17, 2014