Welcome to MediaCore

MediaCore gives your university, school or institution a safe and secure place to store,manage and share your digital content. To learn more about MediaCore and how to use our product watch this how-to video and read the information below.

NOTE: If you have enabled our Labs Feature "New Frontend" then your site will look different from the video and screenshots below. Click here to view all of the changes to the "New Frontend".

1) ​You'll want to start by uploading Media to your site. You can upload videos using your browser by navigating to the Admin Panel and clicking on "Upload" in the top bar, or by clicking on "Upload" from your Home page. 

2) MediaCore also has a uploader app for iOS, ChromeAndroid and Windows 8.1. Any of your users can install and use this app to record Media and upload it directly to their MediaCore site.

3) You can also add a link to a video you found on Youtube, Vimeo or another site. From the Upload page paste your link into the navigation bar that reads "Paste a YouTube or Vimeo link".

4) If you have any related files such as documents or complimentary files click on "Add file" next to "Attachments" on the "Add Media". Select the file you would like to attach and click "Open".

5) The Admin Panel library is where you organize and curate your media. From here you can move your media via drag and drop.

6) Now you're ready to invite invite users to your collections and assign them roles.

7) Clicking "Activity" let's you see how your users are engaging with your content. Click here to learn more. 

8) To access your site's home page, what your users will see when they log in, simply click on the drop down menu and select "View Site". 

9) The home page is designed to highlight content you have featured, and all of the custom sliders you have chosen to feature such as Most Watched, Recently Added, Most Liked and collections you decide to share. In order to choose your sliders navigate to your Admin Panel > Site Settings > Appearance and scroll down to "Sliders".


Aug. 21, 2015