Setting up your site

It's easy to set up your MediaCore site. If you are logged in as an Administrator you can perform basic site setup functions from the Admin Dashboard. To find out how, watch this video and read the step by step instructions below. 

To edit your MediaCore site settings, click on the Cog drop-down menu icon on the top-right side of the MediaCore page, and then click Settings.

The site settings are separated into several different category tabs.  In this document, we will touch on the General, and Appearance tabs; for assistance with other parts of the MediaCore site settings, please visit our dedicated support site.

On the General tab, you can edit your site's display name in the "Site title" text box and change your primary timezone.

The General tab also allows you to set a custom domain for your site, if desired.  Contact our sales team to learn more.
Additionally, you can force all users to login via HTTPS by checking the HTTPS check box.

On the Appearance tab, you can customize the way your site appears to your audience.

Under the Branding section, you can add your logo along with an external site link. Clicking on the logo from the homepage will automatically redirect users to that link.

You can also add a favicon which will be displayed in the browser tabs for your site, the branding colour to be reflected across your MediaCore site, and a banner image that will appear at the top of your MediaCore homepage. Click here for more information on branding your site.

Additionally, you can choose to display or hide your site’s title, logo and banner by checking or unchecking the boxes next to any one of these items, as desired. 

Lastly, you can add branding to your user’s mobile experience by showing the site title in the header on tablets and mobile devices, and by uploading a mobile banner that will appear at the top of the page for mobile devices.

Under the Homepage section, you can display or hide your homebase banner by checking or un-checking the box, as desired.

You can also customize your slider item style and create new sliders based on collections and tags. To add a new slider you simply need to click on the drop-down menu in the sliders section and select the type of slider you’d like to create. You can also delete a slider or move a slider up or down.

In the View Page and Display Options sections, you can turn on or off the ability for your audience to share and embed media, disable the display of likes and views, and much more.

For more information on the various other site settings and options, and/or take a look at our knowledge base of support articles, click here, or click Support from the Cog drop-down menu.

Aug. 26, 2015