How do Podcasts differ from Collections?

Podcasts and Collections are similar in some ways; however, there are some fundamental differences when it comes to Podcasts and Collections.

The differences include:

1) Podcasts can be shared on iTunesU with a Feed URL.

2) The feed URL or the RSS feed can be used to share the podcasts elsewhere.

3) Podcasts can have advisory labels as well as a category, or iTunes U category associated with them.

4) Podcasts will have a different icon beside them in the frontent Library and the admin panel to distinguish them from collections.

5) How podcasts are created - you can add a podcast in the same way that you add a collection; however, when you are creating the podcast you need to check off the box next to "Make this collection a podcast" and fill in all of the podcast details below.

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The similarities between Podcasts and Collections include:

1) How media is added to a Podcast - when you turn a podcast into a collection it will act as a regular collection when it comes to uploading and storing media.

2) How users are added to a Podcast. Users are added to Podcasts in the same way they are added to Collections.


Sep. 18, 2015