Manage Podcasts and publish to iTunes

Managing Podcasts

To learn how to add and manage Podcasts on your MediaCore site read our step by step instructions bellow.

1) Start by logging into your Admin Dashboard.

2) On the Manage screen, click the +ADD button at the top of the collections sidebar.
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3) Fill in the title field and the description and add a thumbnail to your podcast collection.

4) Next, click on the dropdown next to "Podcast Options", check off the box next to "Make this collection a podcast", fill in the appropriate fields and click "Save".
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Publishing Podcasts to iTunes

1) Once you click "Save" you'll be taken back to the Library. From here, hover over your new podcast click on the cog. This will take you to the podcast edit page.

2) From here, you will notice that a "Podcast feed URL" is available. This URL can be used to publish your podcast to the iTunes Store Podcast Directory, or to iTunes U, as MediaCore supports the formats required by Apple. 

3) Now, select your preferred Advisory label, Category, and iTunes U category and click "Save" once you are finish editing the podcast information.

4) When you're ready to add your Podcast to the iTunes or iTunes U directories, you can get the feed URL required by iTunes from the "podcast feed URL" textbox.
  • Publishing to the iTunes Store Podcast Directory requires an Apple ID account.
  • Publishing to iTunes U requires an iTunes U account managed from your iTunes U Course Manager portal. 
5) If you would like to automatically push your podcasts directly to iTunes or iTunes U once uploaded to MediaCore then get a Feedburner URL from Feedburner. Enter the Feedburner URL in space provided within your Podcast edit screen. Feedburner will also provide you with more detailed analytics on your podcasts.

Adding Media to a Podcast

1) You can add Media to a Podcast in the same way you add media to a collection. By either uploading a new Media item and placing it in your podcast collection, or by selecting an existing media item and dragging it from your library into the new Podcast collection.

2) To view all of the episodes of a specific Podcast, simply click on the Podcast from the Library page.

3) Your users can view your podcast episodes by navigating to the frontend Library and clicking on the Podcast collection.

4) You are now ready to add Users. Users are added to Podcasts in the same way they are added to Collections.

Sep. 21, 2015