Create new roles or edit existing roles

Roles allow you to control what a User can do on your site. Each Role is comprised of Permissions which allow Users to perform tasks such as publishing their own content, creating Collections and liking Media.

To learn how to customize your Roles watch this video and read our step-by-step instructions bellow. 

To edit your Roles, start by logging onto your website and accessing your site settings.
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Next, click on "Roles" in the left sidebar.

The Roles pane displays your configured User Roles. A Role represents a set of Permissions that a User has on your site. Every User is assigned one of these Roles for each Collection they belong to.

By default MediaCore has three custom Roles and 23 LTI/LIS Roles

MediaCore's custom roles include the following:

Manager: Registered user who can manage and organize media. 

Contributor: Users who can contribute to the site by uploading, liking and commenting on Media.

Viewer: Users who can view Media and comments posted by other Users. 

You can delete the custom roles and change their names and Permissions. You can also add a Role by clicking "Add Role" at the top of the page.

The LTI/LIS Roles cannot be deleted but the permissions associated with each role can be edited. Users who log into your Learning Management Platforms (LMS) will automatically come through to MediaCore with one of these LTI roles based on the role they were assigned in the LMS. The roles vary depending on the LMS you're using. For more details click here.  The LTI/LIS Roles can also be used to support course entitlements when integrating with Shibboleth.

Additionally, we have included a fourth User Role called "Super Admin", which cannot be edited or deleted. The administrator role can be assigned to a user by navigating to the Users Pane in "Site Settings" > clicking on "Edit" next to a user and checking off the box next to "Super Admin".

A Super Admin can manage and organize all media belonging to a MediaCore site, and has the ability to access the "Site Settings" pane. The Administrator Role is assigned site wide, unlike the other Users Roles which are assigned to specific Collections. 

To change a default Role click "Edit" next to the Role you want to change. Select the appropriate Permissions for that Role and click "Save". If you want to delete a Role entirely, click on the "Delete" button on the bottom left hand side.

You can assign your users different roles for each collection they belong to. To learn how to assign roles to your users click here.

To find out what each permission does click here

Nov. 02, 2015