Sharing Collections with Users/Groups

Users and Roles are assigned to individual Collections instead of site wide. This means that a User can appear as a student in one Collection and a manager in another. This makes it easier to manage Users and ensure that they are only given access to content they are supposed to see. This also eliminates the need to create Groups in order to restrict access to certain content. The only Users that have the same Permissions site wide are Administrators. 

To share a Collection with your Users start by signing into your Admin Panel.

Next, select an existing Collection from your library and click "Manage" next to "Shared with" in the right sidebar.

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A box will pop up allowing you to enter the name of the Users and Groups you want to invite to this Collection. Enter the name(s) of your Users or Groups in the invite bar and choose a Role for your Users. If no Role is selected the Users will not be added to the Collection. Once all fields are filled in click "Share". To delete a User simply click on the "X" next to their name. To avoid sharing content with members of the top level or parent Collection, uncheck the "Automatically include members from..." checkbox.
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The Users and Groups will be given the same Role for every video in a Collection. 

If you would like to add a video to a Collection and have different Users and Roles assigned to it, then you can create a sub-Collection. Make sure not to put a checkmark in the "Automatically include members from..." checkbox. If you check off this box the sub-Collection will automatically inherit all the Permissions and Users from the parent Collection.

To create a sub-Collection highlight a parent Collection, click on the ADD button at the top of the Library sidebar sidebar and click "New Collection". Name the sub-Collection and begin adding new Users and Media.
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Jul. 17, 2015