How do I set up OneLogin?

Single Sign-on (SSO) with OneLogin allows you to integrate with services such as Active Directory and LDAP. User can automatically be associated with Groups based on the Active Directory security Groups they belong to.

To start using SSO with OneLogin follow the directions bellow:

1) Open your site settings by clicking on the cog icon on the right side of the site header bar, and selecting Settings.
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2) Click on "Authentication" in the left sidebar.
  • If OneLogin is not available in your account please contact our sales team to have the extension added on.
  • If OneLogin appears in your account then turn the "OneLogin" toggle on.

3) Click on "Configure OneLogin Settings" and enter your "IdP Login URL"(required), IdP Logout URL (optional), Logout Redirect URL (optional), and "OneLogin x509 Certificate" and click "Save". The "Logout Redirect URL" will direct your user to the website that is entered in the URL bar once the user logs out of Onelogin. If the bar is left empty the user will automatically be redirected to your MediaCore site. The IdP logout URL will log your user out of MediaCore automatically once they log out of Onelogin.

4) To obtain your "IdP Login URL" and "OneLogin x509 Certificate" go to: (if you already have account). If you need to set up an account click here to set up a free account.

5) Select the "Apps" tab at the top of the page and click on "Find apps". Enter MediaCore into the search bar and click "add" once it comes up.

6) To get your "IdP Login URL" return to the "Apps" tab and click on "edit" next to the MediaCore icon.

7) Click on the "Single Sign-on" tab and select the "HTTP" URL under "SAML Endpoints". Paste this URL into the IdP Login URL bar. 

If you have a branded OneLogin subdomain, just replace "" with "" in the URL, if necessary.

8) To retrieve your OneLogin x509 certificate select the "Security" tab and click on "SAML". Copy everything in the box that reads x.509 certificate and paste it into the box provided in your MediaCore account and click "Save".

9) For the final step return to the "Apps" tab and click on "edit" next to the MediaCore logo and click on "Configuration". Enter your domain name into the space provided and click "Update". The MediaCore URL for the example below is

If you have any problem configuring OneLogin with Active Directory or LDAP please contact OneLogin support or take a look at their support documents.

Sep. 25, 2015