Why won't my media upload?

Below is a list of common reasons why media won't upload or encode and some troubleshooting tips

1) Your firewall is blocking the video from uploading: 
Disable your firewall momentarily and try uploading your video to see if this resolves the issue. If the issue is resolved then reenable the firewall and figure out what was causing it to block your uploading abilities. Note: If you are operating in a school or corporate setting, it's possible that you will need to speak with your IT department to facilitate this. They might also be able to provide you with some general feedback on connectivity issues between you and your MediaCore site.

2) The browser you are using is not supported:
MediaCore does not support IE6 at all and IE 7 is only supported on the front end. For more information on the browsers we support click here to view our full support doc.;

3) Your internet connection is weak or unstable: 
Try testing this by loading up another site like http://google.com and see if you experience any connection issues. If you are unable to connect to another site try resetting your wireless router or restarting your computer. If the internet connection is still unstable try contacting your internet service provider (ISP) for further assistance.

If your video gets stuck in the uploading or encoding process for more than 30 minutes, try deleting the video and re-uploading it. If your internet connection goes down at any time during the upload process the media item will resume uploading once the internet connection is back up.

4) Your network connection is down: 
Determine if it is a local problem or an issue with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).  If it is not a local problem contact your network provider for further assistance. 

5) There are too many other programs running: 
Close down all other programs to ensure they are not interfering with your video upload. Any program that might be using your network's resources could cause a problem. Things like YouTube, Vimeo, or streaming radio are good examples of this.

6) The file you have uploaded is not a file accepted by MediaCore:
If one of your media files will not upload or you get a "Publishing Error" message then likely the link or file type is not accepted by MediaCore. Click here for a full list of acceptable file formats. 

If the troubleshooting tips above do not resolve your issue please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

Sep. 09, 2015