Using your own domain name

You can use your own domain name (ex. by opening your site settings from the Cog icon on the right side of the site header bar.
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1) From the "General" tab click on "Contact Sales" so we can get you set up with a secure custom domain.
Please note: 
  • First you'll need to buy a domain from a registrar.
  • Then you'll need to follow the registrar's instructions to create a CNAME record that points your domain to:

NOTE: Using an A record will not work. You must create a CNAME.

Please be aware that when creating a CNAME record, you can only create a CNAME to a subdomain like, or etc. You can't create a CNAME to a "naked domain" such as Your registrar / DNS hosting provider can assist you if you need help in making sure that all of your "naked domain" traffic gets sent to your subdomain.

Once you've done this you may need to wait up to 72 hours for the change to take effect. If the domain is setup properly, you should see your MediaCore home page when you visit your domain. You can click the 'Check URL' button to see if your domain has been set up properly.
You can view a more in depth guide to several popular domain registrars below.

Sep. 23, 2015