What RSS, JSON and Sitemap XML feeds are available?

The RSS feed would normally appear at the bottom of your site if you enable the option "Show the Sitemap and RSS feeds" under the Appearance tab of the Site Settings. For the links bellow to work you will need to have a public Mediacore site.

Google Video sitemap feed:

Sitemap RSS feed:

Latest RSS feed:

We also generate RSS for each individual content category. So for example here is the RSS feed for category "Nuclear Physics" :

You can also use any language to parse the RSS and then display it however you like.

Alternatively, we also have a full JSON feed that is accessible at: 

You can find documentation on our full JSON API here along with examples of using the API in both PHP and Python. 

If you're not sure what RSS is then please read our other help article on what is RSS?

Jun. 26, 2013