Submitting a Private Assignment in Canvas

Recommended workflow: Students should use the "My Media" bucket and the Canvas Chooser (with Trusted Embeds enabled) to submit an assignment privately.

Giving Students Access to Upload into Their own Personal "My Media" Bucket

1. Log into MediaCore > click on the "cog" in the top navigation bar.

2. Navigate to the "Settings" page and click on "My Media" in the left navigation bar.

3. From here, you can add "Registered Users" to the "My Media Permission" page to give all of your users access to their own "My Media" bucket. Alternatively, you can just add your LTI Canvas learner group to this page. This group will appear as "LTI - your LTI consumer - Learner".

4. Give them the "Only Mine" role and click "Share".

Giving Students the Ability to Create Trusted Embeds in the Chooser

Make sure their role has the appropriate “Media Sharing” setting enabled.

1. Click on the cog in the top navigation bar and select “Settings”.

2. Click on "Roles" and select “Edit” next to the Role assigned to your students on the "My Media Permission" page (Only Mine).

3. Make sure that “With all authenticated users” and "Publish their own media" are checked  among the other permissions already assigned to the "Only Mine" role.

How a Student Submits a Media Assignment

1. The student will need to log into Canvas and navigate to their course page and click on the "Assignments" tab in the left navigation bar to see all of the assignments for that particular course. To view a list of all assignments in Canvas they can click on "Assignments in the top navigation bar. 

2. Next, they'll need to click on "Submit Assignment" on the right side of the page.

3. From here, the student needs to select "Text Entry" and click on the MediaCore icon in the rich text editor to bring up the Chooser.

4. Next, they'll need to click on the "Upload" tab > select "Choose file" and select a video from their computer.

5. From here, make sure that "Collection: My Media" is selected in the dropdown menu.

Note: If the student is submitting a previously created video they'll need to click on the "Library" tab, ensure they're video is stored in their "My Media" bucket and click "Add" next to the video. If the video's not stored in "My Media" they'll need to click "Edit" next to the media item and select "My Media" from the collection dropdown and save changes.

6. Once the video is finished uploading the student will need to click on "Publish Now" and the video will appear in the rich text editor. From here, they can add some text, or some comments for the instructor if desired.

7. From here, they'll click "Submit Assignment" and that assignment will be submitted for the instructor to review.


Sep. 21, 2015