Sharing Media Using Trusted Links and Trusted Embeds

What are Trusted Media Links and Embeds?

Trusted media links and embeds allow users to share private MediaCore content with people who normally would not have access to the content, including people who don’t have a MediaCore account. How do I Turn on Trusted Media Links and Embeds on my Site?
This feature is currently in beta and needs to be enabled in MediaCore Labs.

1. To do this, click on the cog and select "Settings". 

2. Next click on "MediaCore Labs" > check off the box next to "Enable Trusted Embeds" and click "Save".
What Kinds of Things Can I do With Trusted Media Links and Embeds?

1. You can send trusted media links in an email to colleagues to share the latest video you have uploaded. Perhaps you uploaded it to a private collection but want their opinion on before you move it into your course collection.

2. You can use trusted media embeds to embed a private video into an external website. Perhaps this video exists in a collection that isn’t normally accessible by the public, but you’d like public users to view it.

How do I Create a Trusted Link or a Trusted Embed?

1. To create trusted embeds navigate to the share modal on any media view page. Users with the appropriate “share” permissions will be able to open the share modal by clicking on the share icon (below).

2. Once clicked, users will be presented with a share model (below). From here they can select which type of link or embed they’d like to create. The options provided are based on the role they are assigned within the collection.
  • Only users who have permission - The permalink or embed in this case will not be trusted and only users who have access to the content will be able to view the media.
  • All authenticated users - The permalink or embed is trusted and any user who has a login to your MediaCore site will be able to view the media.
  • Anyone (public) - The permalink or embed is trusted and anyone with the link or access to the embed or link will be able to view the media.
3. Once the permission is selected the user can click on either “Get Permalink” or “Get Embed”, copy the link or the embed code, and share it with their desired audience. Roles that Control Who Can Share Content

In the Roles pane of your Site Settings you will see a section called “Media Sharing”.

In this section there are three options for how users can share content:
  • Share with users that already have access - Allow users to generate a regular link or embed (not trusted). Only users with access to the media in MediaCore can view it.
  • Share with any registered user - Allow users to generate a trusted link or embed that they can share with users who already have MediaCore accounts.
  • Share with anyone - Allow users to generate a trusted embed or link that they can share with anyone regardless of if they have a MediaCore account or not.
A user with any one of the permissions above will see the share media button on the media view page. They will also be able to generate a URL or embed code in the share modal. The type of embed code they can create is determined by the above permissions.

Sep. 17, 2015