Administrator's guide to "My Media"

The "My Media" bucket is a place for users to drop their content and store it privately until they are ready to share it out with other users. "My Media" is now the default collection everywhere during upload (except with an LTI context).
Some use cases for "My Media"
  • It allows students to submit assignments privately in an LMS so that they can see their own assignment but not those of other students; whereas instructors will have access to all student assignments. Here is more information on submitting private assignments in Moodle and Canvas.
  • Users are able to see their own uploaded content all in one place by clicking on the "My Media" tab.
  • MediaCore administrators can see other users' uploaded content, filtered by user or group.
How do I Enable "My Media" on my Site?

This feature is currently in beta and needs to be enabled in MediaCore Labs.

1. Login to your MediaCore site and click on the Cog and select "Settings"

2. Next click on "MediaCore Labs" > check off the box next to "Enable My Media" and click "Save".  
Filtering Media in the Admin Dashboard

To get started navigate to the Admin Dashboard by clicking on the cog on the right side of the page and select "Admin Dashboard".

From the Admin Dashboard select "My Media" to display all media that you have uploaded which includes media in your "My Media" bucket and the media that has been uploaded and placed in a library collection.

My Media View

All Media View

Select “All Media” to display all media within MediaCore, which includes all media in all library collections as well as the media from each user's “My Media” buckets (not shared in a library collection).

You can set a filter on “All Media” in order to view only media this is stored in the “My Media” bucket. To do this select "All Media" in the left navigation bar, then click on the options dropdown menu and select “Personal Media”. 

Filtering by a particular user

Site admins can also use this filter in combination with the search functionality to find personal/private media for particular users and groups. This enables admins to quickly find and audit the private content any user or group has uploaded.

“Only Mine” Role

The “Only Mine” Role has a few custom permissions that only allows users to list, view, publish, play, edit and delete their own media.
  • For example, there’s a permission called “List and view their own media”. This lets users view only the media that they have uploaded.
  • If a user was instead given the permission “List and view media” then they would be able to view content uploaded by any user to the associated collection.
  • The same is true for the permissions under “Media Management”. For example, if a user has the permission “Edit their own media” then they can only edit their own media.
  • If they were given the permission “Edit media” then they could be able to edit content uploaded by other users as well (provided they could view it).

Turning on "My Media" for Your Users
  1. Click on the Admin Cog and select "Settings" > "My Media".
  2. Enter the names or email addresses of the users you'd like to give the access to their own personal "My Media" bucket into the text box below “Add Existing Users and Groups”. Next select a role for your users and click “Share”. Alternatively, if you'd like to give all of your users access to their own "My Media" bucket then you can enter "Registered Users" into the text box instead.
  3. We strongly recommend that you use the “Only-Mine” role for non-admin users. The “Only-Mine” role means that users can only view, edit and delete the media that they have uploaded to their “My Media” bucket.

Note: Users and groups given any role with the permission "List and view media" (not just on their own media) on the "My Media Permissions" screen will be able to view all of the private content uploaded by any user to the "My Media" bucket. Any users or groups given any role with the permissions "Publish Media", "Edit Media", "Delete Media", etc. will be able to do each of those actions with other users' "My Media" content if they have access to view it.

Accessing uploaded content from the homepage

Users that do not have access to the admin panel can see all media they’ve uploaded to MediaCore, and have access to, by clicking on the “My Media” tab in the top navigation bar. If the user has not uploaded any content to MediaCore they will be presented with the screen below when they select the "My Media" tab.

Note: If an admin shares a user’s media with a collection they do not have access to they will no longer see that media item when they click on the “My Media” tab. 

Keep in mind that turning on the “My Media” labs feature will make the “My Media” page available to all of your users on the frontend (even ones you have not directly given the "My Media Permission" to on the “My Media” settings page). Adding users on the “My Media” settings page gives these users the ability to upload to the “My Media” bucket and perform additional actions such as delete and edit their own content.

"My Media" view from the Homepage

As mentioned above non-admin users will have access to all of the content they have uploaded and have access to by clicking on "My Media" from the homepage.
  • All published and draft media that user has uploaded will display here.
  • As long as the user has the permission to "Edit their own media" they will have access to edit their content from this page. 
  • The "My Media" left-hand sidebar displays useful stats on the media you have uploaded like the number of items uploaded, views and likes.

My Media Stats explained
  • Uploads: display the number of media items that you have uploaded.
  • In My Media: displays the number of media items uploaded that exist in your "My Media" bucket.
  • In collections: displays the number of media items that have been uploaded that exist in a collection.
  • Eye icon: displays the number of overall views on the media items you have uploaded
  • Heart icon: displays the number of overall likes on the media items you have uploaded.

Sep. 17, 2015