Captioning Made Simple with MediaCore

We support automatic closed captioning from both 3Play Media and Cielo24. If you have a registered account with one or more of these providers you can easily integrate it into your existing MediaCore account. All you have to do is add a new transcription profile - or add multiple profiles if you want to use more than one captioning service or turnaround time.

Watch this video and read the instructions below to learn more:

Our new captioning features allow you to request, manage and monitor your transcription jobs from within MediaCore. We even show you the percentage, and total number of videos currently captioned within your MediaCore site, so that you can keep tabs on how much of your media meets accessibility guidelines.

If you’re interested in trying out transcriptions in MediaCore, but don’t have a transcription vendor set up, Cielo24 has offered to give you 30 minutes of free transcription services to test out their platform. Fill in this form if you’re interested in learning more.
How do I create a transcription profile?

1. Navigate to Site Settings > Transcriptions > “Add Profile”.

2. From here, add a name, choose the type of vendor and fill in the details for that particular vendor. Depending on the transcription vendor, there may be other criteria you can select. You may have to request these details from your vendor, or log into your vendor account to retrieve it.

3. For example, you can select the“Turnaround Time” you’d like for this profile. If you’d like to use different turnaround times for particular transcripts then create multiple profiles.

How do I upload a caption file or request a transcript?

There are two ways to go about captioning your content. You can upload your own caption file or request a transcript from which a caption file will be created.
1) Upload a caption file

To upload a caption file to an existing video navigate to the "Edit Media" page > click on the "Captions" dropdown > select "Upload Caption File" > select the caption file from your computer and click "Update" once the file is finished uploading.

MediaCore currently supports caption files in the WebVTT, SRT, and DFXP formats.

Alternatively, you can upload a caption file to a new media item by clicking "Upload" in the top navigation bar. Keep in mind that you must first start uploading the media item before the Caption tab becomes available. 
2) Request a Transcript

Once the transcription profile is setup. It’s time for the fun part, captioning your content! Both new and existing videos can be automatically captioned with just a few clicks.

1. To caption an existing video simply navigate to the media edit page and click ‘Request Transcription’.

2. After requesting a transcription file, you’ll need to choose a profile and click on the green checkmark to send the transcription request to 3Play or Cielo24. Only site administrators can approve transcription requests.

3. If the user that requests a transcription job is not an administrator, the job will remain in ‘pending’ status until it is approved by an administrator.

4. You can approve the transcription requests by navigating to the “Transcription” tab in the top navigation bar of the Admin Dashboard.

5. From here, anything with the status “Requested” needs to be approved. To do this, select a transcription profile next to the request and either click on the checkmark to approve or the “x” to decline and cancel the request.

6. Any members of your user groups that are allowed to request transcripts will be able to send a transcription job request. You can manage who can request transcriptions by navigating to Site Settings > Transcription > select the group under “Allow the following users to request transcripts" and click "Save".

7. Once a transcription request has been approved, it will be sent to your transcription provider and created in the timeframe specified by your chosen profile. You can see which files are currently being transcribed by navigating to the “Transcription” queue.

8. Once the transcription is ready, a caption file is automatically added to the video under the ‘captions’ tab. It will also display who requested the file and who approved it.

9. If you need to make any small edits to the caption file to ensure an even higher accuracy, you can simply download the caption file from the "Edit Media" page by clicking on the caption file.

10. Next, make the necessary adjustments using your text editor of choice, delete the existing caption file, and re-upload it.

11. You can automate the creation of transcriptions for all media added to a collection. On the collection edit page, under the “Transcription Options” dropdown, you can specify that when a new media item is added to this collection that it will automatically request a transcription but require a moderator's approval or be approved immediately. It's possible to automate the creation of transcriptions for the subcollections as well by checking the box next to "include subcollections". 


Sep. 03, 2015