Get email notifications when videos are uploaded or comments are posted

MediaCore will automatically dispatch emails to you whenever media is uploaded, comments are posted, transcripts are requested or a user signups (if user self-signup is turned on). To start receiving email notifications, click on the cog icon on the right side of the site header bar, and select Settings.
save image

Next, click on the "Notifications" tab in the left sidebar. Enter your email address into the appropriate fields. Click "Save" and we'll start delivering emails to this address.

If you and/or your colleagues would like to receive our product update emails simply enter your email address and the email addresses of your colleagues in the text bar text to "Mailing list". These emails will notify you whenever we have any new additions or changes to the MediaCore platform. We'll also provide resources to help you train and prepare your users for the new updates, 

Sep. 25, 2015