Play and loop an entire collection as a playlist

If you'd like to play an entire collection as a playlist or loop a collection of videos for your users then you can do this for public collections using a RSS feed and a service called Miro. You can hook up Miro to an external TV and show off your videos within your school, institution or business.

1) Start by making sure the RSS feed option is checked off on your MediaCore site. To do this, navigate to your Admin Panel > Click on Site Settings and check off the box next to "RSS" in your "General" Settings pane. 

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2) Next, navigate to the PUBLIC collection you'd like to add to Miro. NOTE: If your collection is not shared publicly then this will not work.

3) Click on the "Actions" dropdown menu in the collection header and select "Subscribe via RSS". 

4) Select and copy your entire RSS feed URL.

5) Next, download Miro for free and launch it on your computer.

6) In Miro click on File > Download from a URL > and Paste the RSS feed in the text box and click "OK". 

7) The collection feed will appear in the left sidebar under "Podcasts". 

8) From here, you can either leave the videos in the auto generated podcast or you can create a playlist with videos from multiple collections. If you choose to move your videos to a playlist you will need to download them to Miro first by clicking on "Download" beside the video. 

9) Use the toggles in Miro to either loop your collection of videos, or shuffle the order.

You can also grab the RSS feed for all of your latest media by clicking on "Latest RSS feed" at the bottom of your frontend homepage.

NOTE: If you choose to make your collection private once you've added your RSS feed to Miro then your videos will be available for 5 days as long as you download them to Miro. If videos are not downloaded to Miro they will immediately be restricted.


Sep. 21, 2015