How do I track my usage?

If you're wondering how much storage, bandwidth and document encodings you've used on your MediaCore site then you'll need to visit the "Usage" screen.

1) You can get here by clicking on the Cog icon on the right side of the site header bar and selecting Usage.
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2) From here, you'll be able to see your storage, bandwidth and document encoding limits and how much of each you have used. 

Storage - This number represents all of the videos and meta-data you currently have stored on your site. YouTube, Vimeo or any other videos you have linked to on your site do not use up your storage. If you delete a video then the storage that video was occupying will be freed up.

Bandwidth - Bandwidth usage is based on the number and length of views you are receiving. On average if a user is viewing a 100mb uploaded video for about 8 minutes they will use up approximately 20mb to 50mb of bandwidth to play it. This consumption depends on the device used to play the video. Bandwidth resets at the beginning of every month

Document Encodings - This number refers to a document that's uploaded as a media file and will be viewed within the MediaCore player. We accept uploads of files such as PDFs, MS documents, ePub files, etc. Click here for a full list. Any document that is uploaded as a video attachment will be part of your storage. 

If you need more, speak to us about upgrading your plan. 

Sep. 25, 2015