How do I use MediaCore API V2?

The MediaCore API 2.0 lets users grab information from their external websites and pass it through to MediaCore. 

The API can be used to perform many tasks such as bulk uploads of video and audio files, user, group and collection creation, fetching users, groups, collections and thumbnails, and much more. Click here to access our MediaCore API 2.0 documentation.

If you're using APIV2 from a JavaScript-based web application then you will need to enter a list of IPs and domains into the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) origins list. CORS will only work from these origins unless '*' is used then CORS will work from any origin. 

This list can be found by navigating to your Admin Panel > Site Settings > Extensions. From here, enter the comma separated list into the text box provided and click "Save".


Jul. 17, 2015