Webhook Notification URLs

MediaCore handles notifications of certain types of events that happen on your MediaCore site. Namely when media is uploaded, comments are posted, a user has requested a transcript, or a user has signed up. Please note that notifications for user sign up and user payments are deprecated and are subject for removal.

You can also be notified via a webhook url when media encodings have completed. This may be useful to you if you are using our API to build your own app and want to be notified any time a video encoding has finished so you can process some custom logic on your side.

1) To set up Webhook Notification emails navigate to your admin panel > Click on "Site Settings" and select "Notifications" from the left sidebar.

2) From here, enter your email address into the "Media uploaded" field.

3) Next, enter your Webhook Notification URL in the box next to "Encoding completed". 

4) You will now be notified via a wedhook URL when media encodings are complete. The Webhook will look similar to the example below:

"success" : true,
"media_id" : 1

Nov. 10, 2014