Choose what media your LTI users can see

When you set up a LTI consumer and integrate your Learning Management Platform (LMS) with MediaCore users are given access to all of the course content that is available to them within the LMS. This content is available within the LMS, when the user navigates to your MediaCore site or when they open the MediaCore chooser from the LMS.

You can also choose additional content to share with your LTI users - additional content can be shared globally with all of your LTI users or it can be shared with individual users and groups.  Sharing only LMS course content with your students

1) Start by opening your site settings from the Cog icon on the right side of the site header bar.

save image

2) Next, click on Authentication > Select "Configure LTI Consumers" and Select "Edit" next to your "LTI Consumer". 1) Navigate back to your LTI consumer page.

2) In the "Assign to Collections" section check off the collections you want to share with all of your LTI users.
  • Checking off the top collection will give your users access to all of the content on your MediaCore site.

**In the example above my LTI users will have access to the content available in the course they're logged into on my Canvas site plus all of the content in my "Arts" collection and all of the content shared with the Public and Registered Users group. 

3) If you do not want to share any content other than what is shared in their courses within your LMS then leave all other collections unchecked including the one next to "Also include collection shared with the Public & Registered Users groups".

4) When you're finished click "Save".

Sep. 23, 2015