How do I embed a video into a page using the embed code?

Videos and other media items can be embedded into any page that allows you to add HTML code. 

There are 2 different way to obtain your media's embed code. 

1) Navigate to your site's homepage and click on a video's thumbnail. From here, click on the "Share Media" icon.

From the pop-up copy the entire "Player embed code".

2) You can also obtain the embed code by navigating to your admin panel and hovering over the title of the video you'd like to embed. A window will pop-up with information about the video. The top line contains the embed code - make sure you copy this entire string of code.

Once you've got the embed code you're ready to embed it into your page. 

I'm going to use Moodle as an example here but it will work in basically the same way in any HTML enabled page.

1) Login to your site and navigate to your rich text editor. 

2) Navigate to your HTML source editor. In Moodle the HTML source editor can be accessed by clicking on the "HTML" button. 

3) Paste the entire embed code into your HTML editor and click "Update" or "Save".  

4) Once saved, the video will appear within your HTML source editor. 

5) Add any additional information to the page such as a title or description and save the page.

6) You can now navigate to the page and watch your embedded video. 


Sep. 18, 2015