Creating and Reviewing a Video Assignment in Moodle

You can easily create video assignments in Moodle and have your students upload a private video response.

Creating a video assignment

1) Log into Moodle as an Admin or Teacher and select the course you'd like to add an assignment to.

2) 'Turn editing on' and click on 'Add an activity of resource' in the module you'd like to add your assignment to.

3) Select 'Assignment' from the list and click 'Add'. 

4) Add an 'Assignment name', description, and click on the MediaCore icon to add a video to your assignment. 

5) Make sure you check off the box next to 'Display description on course page'. 

6) Next, fill in the 'Assignments settings', 'Submission settings', and 'Feedback settings'. 

Note: The submission type MUST be "Online Text". Make sure that "Yes" is selected next to "Online Text" in the "Submission settings" section. This is the only assignment type that gives students access to the HTML editor which is where the MediaCore Chooser button can be found. 

7) Decide what you want the assignment to be worth in the 'Grade' section, fill in the 'Common module settings' and click 'Save and return to course'. 

8) The assignment is now created and available to the students registered in this course. 

Note: If you want students to submit private assignments follow these directions

How the instructor reviews the assignment

1) Once the students have submitted their assignments log back into Moodle as an Administrator or an instructor and click on the Assignment. 

2) Next, click on "View/grade all submissions". 

3) You will then need to click on the microscope under the 'Online text' heading for that student, and this will bring up the full submission including the video. 

4) After evaluating the video, you'll need to return to the previous page and click on the pencil logo under the 'Grade' section for this student. 

5) Enter a grade,  add comments and click 'Save Changes'. 

6) The student can now log in and click on the assignment to view their grade and the comments left by the instructor. They can also add a comment back to the instructor if they'd like and begin a dialog. 


Sep. 24, 2015