Need help logging in?

If you’re having trouble logging into your MediaCore account then you are likely entering the wrong password and email combination, selecting the incorrect login option, or you don’t have an account. Follow the appropriate instructions below to fix the issue.

Issues logging in with your school/work account (Single Sign-on)

First, make sure that you selected the correct login option.

If you're selecting the correct login option and you're still unable to login, please reset your password. For assistance contact your MediaCore site administrator, instructor or manager.

Don’t have an account?

Contact your site administrator, instructor or manager and ask them to invite you to the site.

Unable to login with your MediaCore ID and password?

Make sure you selected the login option "Sign in with MediaCore" as displayed above. If you selected the correct login options and you're still unable to login then please reset your password by following the direction below:

1) Start by clicking on “Sign in with a MediaCore ID”.

​2) Click on “Forgot your password?” below the login button.

3) Enter your email address in the Login ID box and click on “Send Reset Email”.

4)Within seconds you'll receive an email titled "Reset your password at..."

5) Once your password has been reset, return to your homepage and login with your email address and password.


Nov. 13, 2014