Drupal - Installing and using the plugin

The Drupal plugin lets you easily embed MediaCore videos, MS documents, images, PDFs and audio files into Drupal with a click.

Watch our support video and read the instructions below for full instructions.

​​Installing the plugin

1) To get started navigate to the Drupal repository.

2) Add the folder to your modules directory and enable the module. 

3) Log into your Drupal site, and navigate to the "Configuration" section.

4) Click on "Text Formats".

5) Click on "Add text format" and enable the "MediaCore filter" and click "Save configuration".

6) Next, click on the "Modules" tab and click "Configure" next to the Wysiwyg module and specify an editor for whichever input format you would like the MediaCore chooser available (Tiny MCE or CK Editor).

7) Click "Edit" next to the chosen editor and under "BUTTONS AND PLUGINS" check "MediaCore Chooser" and click "Save".

8) Finally, click on the "Configuration" tab, select "MediaCore Chooser" under "CONTENT AUTHORING" and fill in your MediaCore site URL (Eg. change demo.mediacore.tv to yoursite.mediacore.tv

Note: If your MediaCore site requires URL signing then contact customer support at support@mediacore.com to request a Secret Key and Key ID.
Embedding Media from MediaCore into Drupal

Once the Drupal plugin is installed you can start adding content to your course pages using the MediaCore chooser.

1) Start by clicking on "Add Content" and select "Article" or "Basic Page".

2) Next, click on the MediaCore logo in the text editor to bring up the Chooser.

3) To embed a media item from your MediaCore library click on the library tab, and click "Add" next to the media you would like to embed onto your course page or click upload to upload a new video. If you need to edit a video in the Chooser click "Edit" below the "Add" button. Click here to learn more. 

Upload Media from your computer into Drupal

1) To upload new media, select the upload tab and click on "Choose a file".

2) Select a file from your computer or add in a link to a YouTube or Vimeo vidoe and watch it upload in the Chooser window. Note: Closing the chooser window while an upload is in progress will cancel the upload.

3) Once the file is finished uploading you can enter a title, add tags and a description and click "publish".

4) If you have permission to publish video then the uploaded video will appear within the Chooser library tab, otherwise it will be saved as a draft. From here, you can embed the media by clicking the "Add" button.

5) Once the video is embedded into the Drupal text editor, all you need to do is enter a title and fill in any other supplementary information you'd like and click "save".

6) Et Voila, there's the video you just embedded onto your page. Simply click on the play button and enjoy!

Feb. 24, 2015