Using the MediaCore plugin in Edublogs?

MediaCore has recently partnered with Edublogs to offer a quick and secure way to add videos to your Edublog posts. This integration with Edublogs will help to bring digital media to WordPress in 2 new and powerful ways.

1) Embed video and audio files stored in your MediaCore library directly into your Edublog posts. 

2) Browse, search and upload content (up to 20GB in file size) from your computer directly into your posts and store it in MediaCore. 
Enable the MediaCore plugin

1) Log into your Edublogs site. If you don't already have an account then create one here

2) Navigate to "Your Blogs" and click on the Plugins tab in the left sidebar.

3) Scroll down the list to the MediaCore plugin and click "Activate"

4) Next, go to "Settings" in the left sidebar and select "MediaCore". 

5) Enter your MediaCore URL in the space provided and click "Save Changes". 

Add video to your Edublog posts using the plugin

1) Navigate to your "Posts" or "Pages" section and click Add or Edit.

2) Click on the MediaCore icon in the text editor and the plugin will pop-up.

3) To embed a video from your MediaCore library click "Add" next to the video you would like to embed into your blog post. Alternatively, you can upload a new video by clicking on the "Upload" tab.

4) Once the file is finished uploading, enter a Title, add Tags and a Description and click "Publish". If you'd like to edit the media at any time click "Edit" below the "Add" button. Click here to learn more.

5) Once the upload is published, the file will show up in the "Library" and you can immediately add it to a Post or Page as described above. Namely, by clicking "Add".

6) Once embedded, the video will appear within WordPress. From here, enter a "title" and the text you'd like to appear with the video.

7) Next, click "Update" or "Publish" and the video will appear within your blog post for everyone to enjoy!


Feb. 24, 2015