Connecting MoodleRooms to your MediaCore Site


Today our new Moodle Plugin has been fully tested and approved by Moodlerooms, the world's largest Moodle services partner. This is a great step forward in our integration with Moodle and will help bring digital media to MoodleRooms in 3 new powerful ways.
  1. Embed video, audio, photos and documents directly into MoodleRooms to be stored in your MediaCore library.
  2. Browse, search and upload content (up to 20GB in file size) to MoodleRooms and store it in MediaCore
  3. Capture content on your iPhone or iPad, upload it to your MediaCore library and embed it directly into MoodleRooms. 
The plugin will be available in the Summer release of Joule Moodle Platform coming on July 15, 2013.

If you're interested in integrating Moodlerooms with your MediaCore site you will fist need to become a Moodlerooms client. You have two options when becoming a Moodlerooms customer:

1) You can test out Moodlerooms and the MediaCore plugin with a 15-day guided free-trial

2) Contact their sales team and find a pricing model that works for you.

If you're already a customer simply send Moodlerooms a support ticket requesting that they enable the plugin on your site.

The support ticket should read: "Please enable the MediaCore plugin on the following site [Insert Moodlerooms URL]. Click here to send off your request now!

To learn more about the capabilities and features of Moodlerooms click here. You will be taken to a knowledge base of support articles, how-to videos, product manuals, FAQs and much more.

Nov. 29, 2013