Blackboard - Adding Media to a Course

Adding media to Blackboard is easy using the Blackboard building block. Take a look at our support video and document for more information:

​1) Ensure you have privileges to add a MediaCore Mashup to a Course. 

2) Select the Course you would like to add a MediaCore Mashup to.

3) From the 'Home Page', click on 'Content' located in the left menu.

4) From the content screen, click on the menu option 'Build Content' then, under the 'Mashups' category, select 'MediaCore Media'.

5) Alternatively, you can add media to a course by navigating to the rich text editor. To do this, click on "Build Content" and select "Item".

From here, click on "Mashup" and then "MediaCore" to access to MediaCore Chooser.

6) Click "Add" next to the media item you'd like to embed into your course page; alternatively, you can upload a new video by clicking on the "Upload" button

7) Preview and edit MediaCore Media if required before adding it to the Course. Click 'Submit' when you are ready to add this to your Course.

8) Your MediaCore content is now added to the Course.


Aug. 21, 2015